1. The Project Lead will loan the Equipment to the Borrower on the terms and conditions of this agreement.
2. The Borrower will use the Equipment only for the Project purpose and not for any other purpose without first obtaining the Project Lead’s written consent.
3. The Borrower will insure the Equipment for its full reinstatement value whilst in their custody or under their control.
4. The Borrower will also ensure the appropriate level of public liability insurance cover is in place whilst the Equipment is in their custody or under their control.
5. Risk of any loss or damage to the Equipment will become the responsibility of the Borrower when the Equipment is in their custody or under their control, from collection to the return of the Equipment to the Project Lead.
6. Subject always to early termination in accordance with clause 2.8, the hire period of the Equipment will be agreed between the Project Lead and the Borrower prior to the Borrower collecting the Equipment from the Project Lead and shall be confirmed in writing.
7. The hire period may be extended only by mutual written agreement.
8. The Borrower will use the Equipment in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations and governmental guidelines, with particular reference to the Have a Go Trailer.
9. The hire of the Equipment to the Borrower is at the discretion of the Project Lead and the Project Lead may terminate the hire of the Equipment at any time and for any reason without limitation.
10.The Borrower must not part with custody of the Equipment or attempt to transfer or assign the Equipment to a third-party unless prior written consent is received from the Project Lead.  The Borrower must ensure that the Equipment is clearly labelled as being the property of the 
11. Project Lead to ensure that it may not be mistaken as belonging to the Borrower or anyone else. 

1. The Equipment is hired to the Borrower free of charge.
2. The Borrower shall be responsible for the costs incurred in the collection and return of the Equipment.
By acknowledging this agreement, the Borrower accepts the terms and conditions set within it. 

The “Have a Go initiative” hopes to encourage greater engagement from young people in schools, with the aim of increasing participation in vocational pathways, particularly apprenticeships.
It involves organising events in schools and encouraging learners to think about their future. The Have a Go Equipment will assist in this aim and provide learners with an opportunity to try out new skills on a range of fun and interactive activities.




Approximate Value per kit

EV3 School packages (lego learning - stem curriculum)


3D Scanning and printing package


Welding and Fabrication package


Engineering Construction Kit


Mechanisms Trainer


Electro-Pneumatic Trainer


Hydraulics Trainer


Industrial Control Trainer


Core Electronics Workstation and Boards


CAN-Bus 3 Set


Educational Robotic Invention Kit (ERIK)


Green Energy in Buildings Trainer


Transport and Logistics Simulator


Animation Kit Part 1 & 2




Have a Go Trailer




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